Focusing on the rehabilitation and preventive health aspects of the veterinarian industry, AWCOC provides several alternative or Eastern-inspired services and treatments.

Electro-Acupuncture & Acupuncture

Offering a natural drug-free approach for relieving pain in cats and dogs with arthritis and other issues, acupuncture stimulates specific points on the body to release endorphins, serotonin and natural opioids. Acupuncture is often a very successful tool for arthritis management in cats and dogs and can improve your pet’s comfort and quality of life. Initial treatment sessions are generally best at weekly or bi-weekly intervals but can then be adjusted for the duration that works well for each animal.

Chiropractic & Aquapractic

Focusing on the spine and nervous system to maintain joint health, chiropractic adjustments help correct misalignments that disrupt neurological communications between the brain, organ systems, and tissues in the bodies of cats and dogs. Chiropractic Care focuses on the role of the spine and nervous system in maintaining joint health. Many dogs and cats experience excellent results, and sometimes dramatically improved mobility and comfort.

Aquatic Conditioning, Underwater Treadmill, Swimming Lessons


Hydrotherapy, or water therapy is used for the treatment of chronic conditions, post-operative recovery, and pre-operative or general fitness in animals. When combined with veterinary treatment it can significantly improve the quality and rate of healing following surgery or traumatic injury. Controlled swimming helps to improve cardiovascular stamina, muscle tone, range of movement and is particularly helpful in aiding recovery from injury or surgery whilst also improving general fitness.

Aquatic conditioning including swim lessons and fun swims are also great for your pet’s preventive healthcare. Swimming is excellent aerobic exercise for low-impact body conditioning, fitness, and weight loss. It also helps your four-legged friend build strength without harming bones or joints.

Laser & Ozone Therapy

Laser therapy works with light wavelength energy to support healing and decrease pain. This is achieved by increasing blood flow and oxygen delivery to tissues to reduce inflammation. Laser Therapy sessions are generally done once or twice each week for best results, but this depends on your pet’s needs.

OZONE is a century old therapy that can help your dog with any inflammatory disease process. Since all disease begins with inflammation, it can effectively help any disease process. Its also anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal…so it can aid in treating any type of infectious disease.


Cardiovascular, Cancer, Neurological, Ear Function, Musculoskeletal,Gastrointestinal, Liver, Bladder/Urinary, Immune System and so much more.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy increases blood circulation, bringing strength to weak muscles, dispersing muscle tension and restoring proper mobility and flexibility. For rehabilitation from injury, Massage Therapy improves strength, prevents muscle atrophy, reduces pain, and increases range of motion. Dogs and cats can greatly benefit from massage, and many enjoy it. You can also do simple massage techniques yourself.

Veterinary Rehabilitation

Veterinary Rehabilitation is becoming increasingly popular for animals—and for good reason. The benefits of rehab include improved strength, prevention of muscle atrophy, and improved range of motion, pain reduction, good mental stimulation, improved overall health, and extended quality of life.


Nutrition plays a vital role in pet health and is one of the most important aspects of total body health. Optimizing diet and supplementing appropriately can have a profound effect in helping your pet overcome disease states or preventing cancer and inflammatory conditions. Our veterinarians can discuss options for a proper diet in the initial evaluation.

Chinese Herbs

Leveraging age-old Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), pet health issues ranging from arthritis to immune disorders can be effectively addressed with Chinese herbs and acupuncture. TCM can provide pain relief, organ function restoration, and aid in combating severe diseases. It can be an independent treatment or a complement to other therapies. Chinese herbs are generally well-received by pets. A strong focus is placed on nutrition, with the belief that a well-balanced diet and proper supplements can help prevent diseases and improve overall pet health.

Shock Wave Therapy

The PiezoWave shockwave, also known as acoustic compression therapy, can help decrease pain and increase mobility. Shockwave is used for treatment of acute and chronic bone, joint, and tendon juries including osteoarthritic conditions. The modality uses acoustic waves to mechanically stimulate deep tissues in a focused and premise manner. Shockwave treatments are tolerated very well, making sedation often unnecessary. Treatments take anywhere from 10-30 minutes, depending on the size and number of areas being treated. Animals often experience a decrease of pain and increase in mobility.